Modern coffee table

TOTAL: $229.99 CAD

This clear acrylic coffee table presents you with a clean and simple option for an accent table for just about any space, from your living room to the waiting room in an office. The clear design allows for a modernist feel, as well as an easy to clean surface that decorative objects can sit on comfortably. The two legs on either side fold in to add stability, but also provide an under-the-table storage space for periodicals and newspapers. The table is a small item that can be put in conjunction with a different surface, or exist on its own. A unique and simple design that can really build on the décor of any space! 



- Lightweight and sturdy design 

- Includes magazine and newspaper holder on each side 

- Easy to clean and move 

- Versatile design works for any occasion 



- Overall Sizes: 38.5"L x 17"W x 16"H 

- Net Weight: 34lbs 

- Weight capacity: 44lbs.