Rotating office desk

TOTAL: $249.99 CAD

The Rotating Office Desk features an original rotating design that can be adjusted to your needs and contains plenty of storage space. The modern look adds a touch of class to your office or home and is crafted from high grade materials. The multi-functional design allows it to fold and store away easily when not in use. Create a stylish working station, storage unit and display case in one with this unique office desk.     

- Desk and shelf rotate a full 360° 
- Durable MDF and stainless steel frame with PVC top 
- Provides a working station and storage unit in one 
- Decorative and functional piece for your home or office 
- Shaped shelf is uniquely designed for storage 
- Easy to store when not in use 
- Easy to assemble 

-Color: Black 
- Dimensions: (Unfolded): 75"L x 20"W x 30"H 
- Dimensions: (Desk): 47"L x 20"W x 30"H 
- Dimensions: (Shelf): 43"L x 13"W x 27"H 
- Material: MDF, Stainless Steel, PVC 
- Weight Capacity: (Each Layer): 110lbs